Brian’s Story

Stacy’s Story
September 19, 2016
The Downs Story
September 19, 2016

Brian’s Story

Brian was an individual who always had an artistic intent. He got into creating video games as a business. He was married for about 5 years before his death. Brian and Erin had been traveling from their home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A car that was coming north…the driver felt that she had to take her sweater off. So she turned the wheel over to the passenger while she was driving at normal highway speeds.

Both women were at the wheel of that SUV when it went out of control. So badly out of control that SUV was upside down and airborne when it went through Brian’s windshield.

And in that last second of his life, he braked and swerved in attempt to get out of the way. But in so doing, he place himself between the oncoming vehicle and his pregnant wife.

When they tested the driver, she had marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin on board.

He [Brian] had hoped for a daughter…that’s what he had. He never knew it.

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