Don’t Just Sit There! Grief’s Wake Up Call?

Gracie James
January 20, 2023
THC per se laws don’t work and are not needed: There’s a better way
March 16, 2023

Don’t Just Sit There! Grief’s Wake Up Call?

In Don’t Just Sit There, we have the privilege of listening to inspiring people as they tell us what they have endured and how. These are lessons on living that come direct from experience, lessons we all need. I hope this book reaches many, touching hearts and infusing us all with its wisdom.
— Ellen Bass, Co-author of The Courage to Heal.

Events that can and often do, devastate us emotionally, can also be used for personal transformation and growth. Some individuals find hope and opportunity in the midst of adversity. They reach out to help others find comfort and healing. Some succeed to change laws, institutions, policies and assumptions.

Meet Leah Rabin, Le Ly Hayslip, Maggie and Reg Green, Jeanne White, Hazel Johnson, Lee Mun Wah, Nane Alejandrez, Candace Lightner and others, to discover how they have found strength, courage and sheer tenacity to overcome the worst that can happen and use it as a catalyst to rediscover them selves and help others in the process.

Author Gabriel Constans, Ph.D., continues to discover and share the most effective exercises and insights he has found in his work as a grief, trauma and mental health counselor for over four decades in North America and Africa.

Gabriel Constans searches out the key to living after a loss by interviewing survivors who use a variety of activities to cope with a death. This book is an inspiration to the bereaved and those who support them.
— Lynne Ann DeSpelder, Author of The Last Dance: Encountering Death and Dying.

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