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Because we are a grassroots, solution-oriented highway safety group, We Save LivesSM depends on people like you. We have effected many changes that have made our roads safer, although there is still much work to be done. With your help, we can continue to raise awareness, change driving practices, and pass laws that will save lives. The problem of drunk, drugged, and distracted driving affects each and every one of us. If we hope to solve it, we must work together. There are many ways you can join with We Save Lives to make a difference:
  • Take the Courage To InterveneSM pledge to stand up and speak up against the 3 D’s. Get your friends and loved ones to take the pledge too.
  • Get involved in the Drop the “A” Word campaign. Help us hold dangerous drivers accountable by eliminating the word “accident” when describing highway incidents.
  • Let everybody on social media know that you are part of the solution for drunk, drugged, and distracted driving.
  • Share with your social media networks.
  • Join our mailing list to receive the 3-D Advisor, our newsletter that keeps you updated on important events and information.
  • Volunteer to be a We Save Lives Advocate and help initiate change in your own neighborhood. Email us to learn more.