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We Save Lives San Diego Victim Advocate – Paula Myers

“Her excellence comes from her ability to combine her knowledge of the criminal justice system, and victim trauma with her ability to effectively communicate with law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.” Summer Stephan, Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

PAULA MYERS has been involved in the anti-impaired driving movement in San Diego for more than 25 years as both a victim advocate and law enforcement liaison. She is a survivor of two separate impaired driving crashes and knows firsthand the trauma and anger of being involved in a violent crime. She has worked with thousands of victims of DUI crashes, their families and friends providing emotional support, impaired driving information, resource referrals, criminal justice information and court accompaniment.


As Law Enforcement Liaison, Paula works with the local agencies to help victims understand why certain decisions were made in their DUI cases. Paula also works with law enforcement to address legislative and policy concerns regarding various issues of obtaining evidence, prosecution of impaired drivers, arrest obstacles, sentencing, etc.

She spends hundreds of hours in court, case watching and court monitoring, observing judges mishandling cases, not following or not knowing the law. Her presence in the courtroom has been known to cause judges to change their behavior.

She has received the Governor’s “Doris G. Tate” Award for her dedication and leadership in advancing crime victims’ rights. Paula also received recognition and awards for volunteering and assisting at one of the very first Stalking conferences in the state from the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. She served as Chair of the Crime Victims Action Alliance and Acting Director for Citizens for Law & Order. Paula participated on the North County Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Council, the Law Enforcement Task Force and several law enforcement committees focused on highway safety. She served a term as President of VACC (Victim Assistance Coordinating Council) and received their Victim Advocate Award during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in 2014. Paula is one of the few outsiders who received an award from the San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association. Usually given only to prosecutors, fellow law enforcement and support staff, Paula was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the prosecution of alcohol and drug crimes in 2015. Following her family’s footsteps, Paula is a proud member of HDSA (Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association) since 1996.

Contact Paula at 619-535-9776

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