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Your experience matters, and has great purpose: it keeps your precious memories alive forever, while helping others understand that they are not alone in their grief. Unite with us at We Save Lives by sharing your story and photos that kept you going.

Because we are here to help everyone whose life has been impacted by drunk, drugged or distracted driving, we also welcome inspirational stories about anyone who has been injured, and how they are coping. Please fill out the form with your tribute.

Thank you for being part of our community as we work to improve lives along with saving them. -Candace Lightner

January 20, 2023

Gracie James

Losing a child in a senseless car crash is far worse than any nightmare. A nightmare ends; eventually, you wake up. Gracie is traveling to Moab […]
June 6, 2024

Danelle Atwood

On the evening of November 20th, 2023, my family’s lives were changed forever when a drunk and high driver attempted to complete the second of two […]
November 9, 2023

Cassandra’s Story

 I lost my 16-year-old daughter Cassandra Kay Linder March 13th 2023, due to a distracted/fatigued CMV driver. She was on her way home on the first […]
January 10, 2024

Kayla’s Story

Hi, my name is Kayla Luschen and I was in a car crash in October of 2019, when I was 19 years old, because my boyfriend […]
October 27, 2023

Nicole’s Story

Nicole Michelle Lee, a loving daughter; sister; aunt; cousin; granddaughter; friend; and mentor, was in a fatal car crash on Saturday, January 26, 2008. A 2007 […]
April 13, 2023

Hadley Williams

In November 2022 Hailey was killed in the Raleigh Christmas parade. Her tragic death shocked everybody and devastated her friends and family. She was dancing in […]
January 10, 2023

Ellen Bengston

Ellen was killed in a preventable crash by an 43 year old man who admitted to reading FB messages while driving a pickup at 55 MPH. […]
November 2, 2022

Conner Guido

My son, Conner Guido, lost his life at age 16 in a car crash in Yorktown, Virginia shortly after leaving the Tabb High School Homecoming Dance […]
May 12, 2022

Kevin Yost’s Story

On August 25th, 2019 our son, Kevin, became the victim of vehicular manslaughter. He was in a Lyft vehicle on his way to the Sacramento Airport […]
March 24, 2022

Josh’s Story

My name is Lori Markowitz and I’m the proud mom of Josh Markowitz, only 27 years old, tragically killed by an impaired driver on February 6th, […]
February 9, 2022

Michael Gershe Story

  Michael Gershe is a survivor of a drunk driving crash that killed his mother and nearly himself  when he was 8 weeks old. Despite breaking almost all his bones in the crash, he went on to  become a collegiate swimmer, comedian, speaker, author, college educator and photographer.     With over 25 years’ experience on stage as a comedian and speaker, Michael has presented his  programs at schools, colleges, military bases and a TedxTalk.  He uses humor, audience  participation and his story for an educational and inspirational message.     In 2015 he founded The Magic of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization, that helps his  mission in eliminating impaired driving making communities safer and empowering people to  make better choices in life. The foundation has a partnership with the Stow Municipal Court  where he presents his program as part of their diversion programs to DUI offenders. The  organization’s annual fundraiser  honors local law enforcement for their DUI efforts.     In 2019, he published his memoir, “The Magic of Life: A Son’s Story After Tragedy, Grief and a  Speedo.” One Amazon reader said, “This book will inspire any reader to be a better person! This  is one of the best books I have read in a long time!”     For more information about Michael and The Magic of Life Foundation, please go to  www.themagicoflife.org.   
December 1, 2021

Connor Johnson Story

On April 10, 2011, my son, Connor was killed as a passenger in a single vehicle, distracted driving crash. He was just 21 years old. He […]
January 31, 2020

Noel’s Story

This is Noel Ann McCall. Killed by a drunk driver on May 25th, 2019 at just five years old. Noel was light this world that brought […]
May 23, 2019

Jim’s Story

Your friend didn’t make it. That is what the police officer told me as I left the hospital. I was a passenger in my friend’s car […]
April 25, 2019

Austin’s Story

On June 10, 2018, I was sentenced to life without my oldest son, Austin Lee Lockwood. Austin was taken by a drunk driver in Three Lakes, […]

Recommended Books

The following is a list of books that our members have found helpful during a time of crisis and/or personal tragedy. They can also be given as gifts for loved ones who may need some support.

At a Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One)
At a Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One)
At a Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One)
At a Crossroads: Finding the Right Psychotherapist (Even If You Already Have One)

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