Thank You For Your Donation

Your donation will help us accomplish our mission to educate and advocate against the 3Ds, hold drivers accountable, support victims’ rights, and help others find the courage to intervene.

Your tax-deductible donation will help We Save Lives support three main efforts:

We Educate

It's the young drivers that we most want to impact with this. We create powerful PSA's in order to positively affect their behavior. We create these in such a way that they go viral to have the largest impact. (See #ReflectionsFromInside for example).

We Create Commitment

Drunk, drugged, and distracted drivers account for more than half of all passenger vehicle fatalities. Over a third of the time, such drivers carry passengers who could have potentially stopped them but didn’t. Not to mention the countless bystanders who see these drivers about to engage in potentially deadly behavior and don’t say a word. People have no problem speaking up when someone lights up a cigarette in a restaurant, but when it comes to the these, we remain silent.

So we created and promote the Courage to Intervene - a promise that people make on to intervene and prevent these activities before they start.

We Advocate

More than 2000 anti-drunk driving laws in the 1980's were created. They reduced impaired driving fatalities by 20%. We're doing the same for distracted and drugged driving. We're both lobbying and raising support to get laws passed to dramatically reduce these unnecessary losses.