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“As the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution provides TWENTY-THREE fundamental rights for someone accused of a crime and ZERO fundamental rights for someone victimized by the same crime. Result: Victims of crime virtually have no legal standing in the United States Constitution.”  National Organization for Victim Assistance.

We can change that by supporting HJR45, a constitutional amendment that would guarantee victims and survivors of crime, certain rights in a criminal proceeding.

The crime victim shall have the rights to reasonable notice of, and shall not be excluded from, public proceedings relating to the offense, to be heard at any release, plea, sentencing, or other proceeding involving any right established by this article, to proceedings free from unreasonable delay, to reasonable notice of the release or escape of the accused, to due consideration of the crime victim’s safety, dignity, and privacy, and to restitution.” HR45

congressman-desantis1Send an email to  urging Congressman Trent Franks and the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,  Congressman Bob Goodlatte to put HJR 45, before the full Judiciary Committee for a vote  and then to send it to the floor for a full vote of the House. If you are a victim/survivor briefly share your story.  If you represent an organization, post this on your website, Facebook, twitter and reach out to your members.

Become Part of the Solution! Contact your Representative and inform him/her of your support for this constitutional amendment. They need to hear from us.

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See the We Save Lives letter of support for victims rights below for help.

April 27, 2015

Hon. Trent Franks
Washington, DC Office
2435 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Franks,

We Save Lives is a collaborative organization with more than 50 partners from around the world who support the 3 D’s, drugged, drunk and distracted driver. I am also the founder of MADD and started the battle for victims’ rights many years ago. Despite great strides in the victims’ rights movement it saddens me to think that we still have a long way to go before we treated fairly and with dignity and respect by the criminal justice system. All too often I hear from victims of impaired driving crimes, about continued delays in their court cases, lack of notice of plea or sentencing hearings, non-responsive prosecuting attorneys, and, in many cases a complete lack of respect for the tragedy and pain they have endured. They are definitely not on a par with the rights of the accused and convicted. HJR45, the Victims’ Rights Amendment is a solution to these injustices. On behalf of all of our US partners, We Save Lives supports HJR 45.

We applaud your efforts in seeking justice for all victims of crime through a constitutional amendment that will ensure we are treated with the dignity and respect we are entitled throughout the criminal justice proceedings. We urge your fellow congress members to support HJR 45.

Thank you,

Candace Lightner
President of We Save
Founder of MADD

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