Community Traffic Safety: It’s No Accident

The Courage to Speak Presentation
September 18, 2016
Put It Down. It Can Wait.
September 18, 2016

Community Traffic Safety: It’s No Accident

Dear Friends in Traffic Safety,

Just returned from New Jersey where 3 communities hosted Community Traffic Safety: It’s No Accident presentations. These prove a great vehicle for mobilizing residents, schools, law enforcement, safe routes to schools initiatives, and businesses in cooperative efforts to make streets safer for all who walk, cycle, play, drive, and ride. Contact me @ about how you can bring a presentation to your community. Special thanks to Teachers’ Insurance Plan of New Jersey for sponsoring presentations.

Quick Links:

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I’ll be in the LA Area October 24-28th to participate in the Run to Honor Conor and meet with KKAD25 partners. If you’re in the area, sign up to run or walk, or contact me about a visit.

It’s About Kids! It’s About Safety! It’s About Caring! It’s About Time!®

Safe travels,

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