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September 19, 2016
September 19, 2016

Distracted Driving and Animal Companions

Read this if you really care about your animal companions

It boggles my mind when I see “pet guardians” riding in their car with their dogs hanging out the window. We certainly don’t allow our children to hang out windows. They are buckled in their seats for a reason. Why, in heaven’s name do we allow our BELOVED animal companions, to risk their lives, ours and whomever else is on the road by riding in the car unrestrained. Yet, we do, according to a 2011 Kurgo and AAA survey of people who frequently drive with their pets. It is unbelievable that 84 percent those “animal lovers”, allow them to ride in a motor vehicle unrestrained?

What is worse is that these animal lovers even admitted to:

  • Playing with them
  • Feeding them treats
  • Carrying them on their laps
  • Petting them

And last but not least, even taking their picture while they were riding in the car! Perhaps for their obituary after they crash from such dangerous behavior.

Cats are probably the most frightening as they often claw their way to the front, damaging everything in it’s path, including your lap while they try to snuggle and you try to drive. Dogs love to hang out the window with the wind blowing in their face, all the while potentially causing major ear trauma, not to mention the possibility of a quick exit out the window while turning a curve. Even more frightening is the animal that lands in your lap after a sudden stop, or the one who gets underfoot, preventing braking. It is illegal in some states and municipalities to allow our animal companions to ride in the back of trucks (it should be illegal in all) and perhaps we should consider similar legislation, if we continue allowing our pets to roam freely in our vehicles while driving. WE KILL ALMOST ONE MILLION ANIMALS (OF ALL KINDS) BY MOTOR VEHICLES EVERY DAY. Much of this is beyond our control, but not all.
dogs with safety belts on 300px
What has happened to common sense? If you really love your pet, you will do what is safe and not what is INDULGENT BUT RECKLESS. Restrain them in a travel crate, or a short and secure animal safety belt to keep them from strangling to death, in the back seat or cargo area of the car. That will not only keep you from being distracted but it will also help keep them and you alive.

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