We Save Lives’ Gripping PSA Grabs Attention Of Millions, Including International Media

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We Save Lives’ Gripping PSA Grabs Attention Of Millions, Including International Media

Candace with NBC News
#ReflectionsFromInside PSA goes viral; non-profit to be featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Saturday evening.

(Port Orange, FL) April 29

We Save Lives (WSL), a non-profit focused on stopping preventable crashes from drunk, drugged and distracted driving, is pleased to announce that its #ReflectionsFromInside PSA has grabbed the attention of millions worldwide, including international media. The powerful PSA – which has been viewed by 35 million in America and millions more in other countries including Canada, France, Australia, Japan and Mexico – features a “sobering” message by convicted felon Kris Caudilla. At 27, Kris killed husband and father of four police deputy James Anderson after drinking and driving and is serving 15 years in prison for DUI manslaughter. In the video Kris appears to be talking to intoxicated bar-goers, many of whom have a critical choice to make: drive or don’t drive.

“Every view and social share our PSA receives has the potential to save lives,” says Candace Lightner, founder of We Save Lives. “This video is that real and powerful. The support we’ve received from thousands of caring people worldwide, whether they’ve been impacted by drunk, drugged or distracting driving or not, has been overwhelming. And now, with the upcoming major network attention, we have set a new goal: we want 500 million drivers to see this video.”

This weekend Lightner talks about the video’s powerful message in an interview that will be broadcast on NBC’s Nightly News with Lester Holt and featured on NBC’s digital website. NBC National News Correspondent Gadi Schwartz also interviewed Deputy James Anderson’s partner, St. Johns County Deputy Thomas Evans.

“James was not only my partner, but one of my best friends,” said Evans. “We were bound into a friendship that will always be dear to my heart. When I saw this video I was moved into action – his life was taken too early, but through this video I believe more lives will be saved.”

Experts estimate that Lightner’s efforts to pass more than 2000 laws in the early 1980’s making drinking and driving socially unacceptable have saved at least 600,000 lives. Still, Lightner is propelled into non-profit advocacy again because of a growing need.

“Drinking and driving fatalities have remained stagnant over the last 15 years and now we are facing another serious challenge: the popularity of prescription drugs and marijuana,” said Lightner. “While we continue to reinforce the dangers of drinking and driving, we must also work hard to make it socially unacceptable to drive drugged or distracted.”

WSL will launch national initiatives aimed at heightening public awareness on the dangers of drunk, drugged and distracting driving.

“All it takes is one bad choice,” said Lightner. “That’s what we want to ‘sink in. We don’t want you to be the one in the mirror.’”

About We Save Lives
We Save Lives is an international coalition that is saving lives by preventing crashes and crimes from drunk, drugged, and distracted driving through legislative efforts and grassroots organizing at the national, state, and local levels. Its mission is to educate, hold drivers accountable, support victims’ rights, and help others find the courage to intervene among their friends and family.

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