We Save Lives Launches “Reflections From Inside”

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March 24, 2016
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We Save Lives Launches “Reflections From Inside”

We Save Lives Launches Powerful Anti-Drunk Driving Initiative “Reflections From Inside”

“Powerful”, “impressive”, “sobering”, are just a few of the words used to describe the new anti-drunk driving video showing the reactions from patrons at a bar bathroom who are faced with the reflections of a convicted drunk driver now serving 15 yrs.

PORT ORANGE, FL, April 08, 2016 — We Save Lives, a non-profit created by MADD founder Candace Lightner, has launched “Reflections from Inside,” an online film against drunk driving.

The campaign, created by BRAVO Miami and produced by Parana Films, Vaporpost and Mokoh Music, features a long-form online film showing the reactions from patrons at a bar bathroom who are faced with the reflections of Kris Caudilla, a convicted drunk driver currently serving 15 years for vehicular manslaughter in a Florida prison. The film took a year and a half to bring to life and included numerous prison visits and coordination with many State and Federal government entities.

“We hope this message hits home in a relevant way and gives people the courage to intervene when they know someone is about to drive drunk,” said Candace Lightner, founder of We Save Lives. She added, “we often hear from the victims of impaired driving but to our knowledge this is the first time a convicted felon who is now in prison has come forward to do a PSA about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving. We believe Kris’s message will save lives. The comments we are seeing confirm that people are paying attention.”

Despite decades of awareness and messages highlighting the importance of intervention and responsibility, drunk driving still kills 30 people in America every day. Federico Hauri, BRAVO Miami VP Creative Director stated, “this is a real guy with a real, powerful story of regret that we believe can break through and change people’s behavior in the key moment before getting behind the wheel.”

We Save Lives is an international coalition that is saving lives by preventing crashes and crimes from drunk, drugged, and distracted driving through legislative efforts and grassroots organizing at the national, state, and local levels. Their mission is to educate, hold drivers accountable, support victims’ rights, and help others find the courage to intervene among their friends and family.

BRAVO Miami is a leading provider of effective creative solutions that build brands and grows business. As part of Y&R global boutique network, BRAVO Miami is uniquely poised in Miami at the crossroads of the Americas where business, culture and creativity bask in the sun, sea and sky. Its portfolio includes various non-profits such as We Save Lives and TECHO.

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Candace Lightner,
President, We Save Lives

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