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We Save Lives Supports Washington State’s “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act”

Dear Senator Ann Rivers and Rep. Jessyn Farrell:

We Save Lives would like to add our voice to those who support cell phone bans while driving in the state of Washington. HB 1371 will demonstrate to the public that the use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle will not be tolerated. This driving behavior kills thousands on our roadways and injures thousands more. It is unsafe, irresponsible and deadly. We need to send a clear message to drivers that their focus should be on driving safely and not on communicating, posting or texting with a mobile device while behind the wheel. We support your efforts to increase fines, especially doubling it for repeat offenders. We also support making this a primary moving violation and the follow up reporting to the insurance companies and to the courts.

Currently, the consequences of getting caught while using a mobile device in our car while driving are nebulous and basically contributes to the attitude that this is not dangerous driving behavior. Advocates such as We Save Lives cannot make this socially unacceptable without support from our lawmakers and courts.

Distracted driving deaths and injuries are increasing and we need to take action now to save lives in the state of Washington. We applaud your efforts and will work with you to pass this legislation.


Candace Lightner, President
We Save Lives

We ask residents of Washington state to contact their representatives in support of this bill. The House Bill is being heard in the Transportation Committee on February 9.

More about the Washington HB 1371

A bill aiming to make Washington’s roadways safer by banning the use of handheld devices while driving has been introduced in the state Legislature.

Rep. Jessyn Farrell (D-Seattle), is sponsoring the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act in the House because the state’s current distracted driving law doesn’t reflect the ways handheld devices are being utilized today.

“It makes no sense that texting while driving is against the law, but checking Facebook or another app isn’t, even though those things are also dangerously distracting for drivers,” Farrell said. “We see the tragic consequences of this on roads and highways in every corner of our state. It’s time to update our law to make our roads safer.”

Sen. Ann Rivers (R-La Center), is sponsoring the measure in the Senate. She sponsored a similar bill in 2015 that passed the Senate but stalled in the House. Rivers hopes the work she and Farrell have done to involve stakeholders will help their legislation make it to the governor’s desk this year. Read More Here: housedemocrats.wa.gov/news/farrell-rivers-leading-bipartisan-effort-to-curb-distracted-driving/


  1. David Guthrie says:

    All drivers NEED to put their phones down and drive. It’s been proven time and again that it’s just the same as driving drunk. Even the mainstream car magazines have done their own tests and proved it.

  2. David l. Fisk says:

    As a driver and exercise walker I see this constantly strong punishment needs to be WA. 14 is bad enough electronics make it terribly dangerous please stop abusers

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