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October 4, 2016
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November 29, 2016

Candace Lightner Speaks at the Institute for Personal Leadership

Candace Lightner was invited to speak to students in the Personal Leadership & Success class in the Institute for Personal Leadership at Columbia Business School at Columbia University. The course is offered to MBAs, Executive MBAs, and Executive Education participants from around the world and is based on breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience and other scientific disciplines, and a rigorous study of the inner lives of great leaders.

Candace’s story is one of the examples they cite when teaching the course. Candace spoke about her personal story and about “Leadership and Highway Safety.” She discussed her personal story and the 3D’s and how the participants can make a difference by just changing the signature on their cell phone (“Sent from my iPhone but not while driving”).

Candace Lightner is scheduled to speak again in January, April and July 2017.

Candace speaking to students at Columbia University

Here is some feedback from students:

I liked her story and her honesty.

I loved Candace’s honesty, she did not try to sugar-coat anything or to be artificially PC. This made her come across as very genuine, authentic and powerful. – Hearing her entire story was wonderful, and she clearly is well-versed in telling it so while she said she didn’t prepare, there was a very clear narrative arc throughout what she shared with us.

I thought Candace’s session heartbreaking and inspiring. I felt her story was told candidly and loved the way she made an effort to connect with us and made us active participants.

Candace’s story was a powerful example of someone who triumphed through will power and determination. She wasn’t trained or prepared to lobby Congress, yet she succeeded because of a deep sense of purpose. Candace also joined us after class and was very fun to hang out with. I did not expect to see her on the dance floor but the group had a great time.

I liked how she talked candidly about the various setbacks and challenges that she has faced, and acknowledged what she has done in response as well as was honest about her strengths and weaknesses.

Incredible story. Great call to action.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more moved or excited by a speaker in my life. She has done things that seem superhuman and learning about her leadership in the face of what she went through induces awe. She is also amazingly fun and down to earth!

I have no words. She is an amazing woman and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to hear her speak. She was vulnerable, yet strong. She saw the good in the world, yet she admitted that she was angry, too. I felt such a human connection with her.

Candace is a great example of a regular person who made amazing things happen — hearing her story was inspiring.

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