Robye’s Story
October 6, 2017
FedEx: Deliver on your safety messaging and ban driver cell phone use
October 23, 2017

Dan’s Story

My dad, Dan Gallatin, was killed on May 7th 2013, by a woman that was texting and driving as he was turning into my driveway.

She was driving a Toyota Sequoia and he was on a motorcycle. She ultimately only served 60 days in jail for taking his life, which didn’t sit well with my family. We’ve worked hard to change the laws in PA to make the penalties more strict for those who cause serious injury or death while driving distracted and as a result, a new law, called Daniel’s Law, was established and became effective on 01-04-17!

It won’t change our circumstances, but it will make things better for other families that may have to go through this. We don’t want my dad’s legacy to be the senseless manner in which he died…but all the lives that can be saved as a result of Daniel’s Law.

– Michelle Gallatin-Baughman

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