Margay’s Story

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September 19, 2016
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September 19, 2016

Margay’s Story

Margay was an extremely bright child. She wanted to be a fighter pilot and more importantly she wanted to be a Blue Angel.

When she was In 8th grade, she was riding home on her school bus when the bus stopped to let some students off. Just then a distracted semi-truck driver who was using his cell phone ran into the back of Margay’s bus at approximately 60 miles an hour. The bus was on fire and I knew that something was terribly wrong. The rescuers were unable to remove her from the burning bus. That is how she died, lying on the bottom of the bus, unable to be rescued and all because someone chose to use their cell phone while driving.

If anyone is tempted to talk or text on their phone, please think of Margay lying on the bottom of that school bus.

Please honor Margay by signing the Courage to Intervene Promise and help us end distracted driving.

Help Us Keep Drivers Focused on Driving.

Be Part of The Solution - Sign The Just Drive: Enable Airplane | Drive Mode Petition

Signatures: 915

Margay wrote this poem just before she died.

I wonder where I will go in life
I hear the waves crash against the sand
I see the world all together
I want to become a blue angel
I pretend to fly
I feel I am someone special
I touch peoples heart
I worry about global warming
I cry about the way the world is
I understand when others don’t
I say I will be someone special
I dream about being a blue angel
I try to keep up
I hope this life will be the best

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