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March 3, 2017
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March 21, 2017

Oregon – Help Solve the Problem of Distracted Driving

Ask your legislator to support Senate Bill 2.

This will:

  • Increase the penalty for using a mobile electronic device while driving
  • Increases the penalty for multiple offenses
  • Requires minimum fines

We Save Lives issued this letter of support to Senator Courtney.

This is the We Save Lives generic letter of support for your reference and use. Please copy, paste and customize the letter and send it to your representative. Thank you for caring.


The Honorable XXXX
Your state Assembly
Your legislator’s address

Re: SB 2

Renames offense of operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device as offense of operating motor vehicle while using mobile electronic device. Defines “mobile electronic device.”
Increases penalty for offense. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Further increases penalty for multiple violations within 10 years. Punishes by maximum of five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. prescribes additional minimum fines.

Dear Representative XXXX,

I currently live in your district and I am also a member of We Save Lives who is very concerned about the issue of distracted driving. Please support Bill SB 2 authored by Senator Courtney that will allow that will demonstrate to the public that the use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle will not be tolerated. This driving behavior kills more than 3,000 people on our roadways and injures thousands more each year. It is unsafe, irresponsible and deadly. We need to send a clear message to drivers that their focus should be on driving safely and not on communicating, posting or texting using a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. We support your efforts to increasing fines and other penalties on the use of cell phones while driving.

Currently the consequences of getting caught while using a mobile device when driving are nebulous and basically contribute to the attitude that this behavior is not life threatening. We cannot make this socially unacceptable without support from our lawmakers and courts.

Distracted driving deaths and injuries are increasing and we need to take action now to save lives. I applaud your efforts and will work with you to pass this legislation.

Your name

If you have been victimized by distracted driving you may want to briefly include your story.

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