President of WSL featured on podcast for "21"

US News: Prescription Drugs Clouding Drivers
September 18, 2016
WSL announces new partner from Nigeria
September 18, 2016

President of WSL featured on podcast for "21"

Updated 8/1/14, Candace Lightner is featured on this podcast available here.


Last week was the 30th Anniversary on the signing of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act – it has saved lives, ended blood borders and created healthier communities.  It has been a great benefit for traffic safety.  Read more on my blog at:

The end of  next week I will have a podcast about it, with interviews of Candace Lightner, Bill Bronrott, and others on why this law is an important part of any road safety effort.

Making Roads Safer for Everyone

David Wallace
Traffic Safety Consultant

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