Tony’s Story

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April 6, 2018
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Tony’s Story

My son Tony was killed during a high speed chase. A young man stole a truck while on a cocktail of street drugs and alcohol and the police chased him for a huge span of miles. The call came to stop the chase but it kept ensuing – into a very populated area at 4PM on a school day, around school buses and bus stops. Tony was pulling out of his friend’s driveway when he was hit at speeds over 80 MPH. Nothing was left of his car. However.. Jordan Harville was unhurt but needed Narcan. The police FORGOT to read him his Miranda Rights. Harville is serving only 10 yeas. Not for the drugs, which I find disgusting.

It has been a very long year for us. I miss my son so much. He was 28. We live in Florida and He was in Ohio, taking care of his elderly grandparents and going to school. I think he would have been a doctor eventually. He was so smart, kind, generous, handsome. We were so blessed to ever have had this point of light in our lives. <3

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