Cari’s Birthday
August 31, 2017
Andrew’s Story
September 27, 2017

Vanessa’s Story

My daughter Vanessa 19, was out for on the water on July 25, 2016 just relaxing with her boyfriend crabbing when a drugged/distracted person on a boat come along speeding and ran into her. She had internal injuries, I did get to speak to her at hospital before surgery but she didn’t make it doing surgery.

I miss her so much and want her home so desperately, I have other children, I try and be strong for but some days I don’t know how I breathe. The law should be the same as if in a car. He was arrested but out the next day. His charge is manslaughter but what hurts a lot is he is out doing what he wants until trial. Which could take a very long time. I pray that he is sentenced to the maximum of the law. It won’t bring her back but he can’t hurt someone.

– Darlene Deschamp

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