We Save Lives Fuels Distracted Driving Awareness Month by Flipping the Script on Personal Injury Ads

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April 3, 2024
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We Save Lives Fuels Distracted Driving Awareness Month by Flipping the Script on Personal Injury Ads

WASHINGTON — April 16, 2024 — We Save Lives, the national nonprofit focused on changing dangerous driving choices, is sharing new content that flips the script for people used to seeing ubiquitous ads from personal injury attorneys.   

Instead of telling drivers to call a personal injury lawyer, the ad mimics the style of such promotions and says, “Car Crash While Using Your Phone? 0-000-IT-WAS-YOUR-FAULT. Don’t call me.” The campaign launch is occurring during April, which is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. 

Candace Lightner, founder of We Save Lives and a nationally recognized leader in reshaping attitudes toward drunk, drugged and distracted driving, says, “Trust me. I know from experience. If we want to reduce distracted driving, we must get in people’s faces and distract them from their mindsets! These public service announcements really hit the mark by catching the eye and delivering the unexpected. Did you know that more than 3,300 Americans were killed in distracted driving crashes in one year according to the recent stats? Put the phone down while driving.” 

Lightner urges supporters to sign the pledge that they agree that distracted driving is socially unacceptable; it’s available at https://wesavelives.org/bnwd-pledge/

The Spanish version of the public service ads are already running in the Miami market; English and Spanish versions are available for downloading and social media posting. The campaign is also pursuing partnerships with public transit systems in order to display the PSAs on buses. 

We Save Lives is grateful to El Autobus Inc. for its pro-bono time to strategize and create the material. El Autobus leaders say they’re motivated to highlight the need for safety because they feel distracted driving is an epidemic in their home base of Miami. 




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