Not Fed Ex Again!

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May 1, 2020
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June 8, 2020

Not Fed Ex Again!

FedEx Truck

Perry Colosimo
Managing Director, FedEx Ground External Communications
1000 FedEx Drive | Moon Township, PA  15108
T: 412-747-4351 | C: 412-897-3367

Dear Mr. Colosimo:

I’m including your response (see below),  to our 2017 blog, Fed Ex: Deliver on Your Safety Messaging and ban driver cell phone use, in which we called on FedEx to be the leader you ought to be and mandate safe driving behavior, rather than the reckless driving I and so many others have witnessed.

Three years have passed since we published that blog, but despite your strong assertions that “FedEx is committed to putting safety above all,” not much has changed. In the past week, I have witnessed two FedEx drivers steering a truck while holding a phone in front of their faces. I don’t have truck or license plate numbers to share with you. But this negligence is beyond one or two drivers. It must be addressed not just at an individual driver level, but at an institutional level. There clearly needs to be a far more substantial mandate than whatever you have been doing. If I randomly see two reckless FedEx drivers in a week, how many more are tearing up and down our streets every day?

FedEx drivers are ubiquitous, especially during the Covid-19 shelter in place. Communities are even more dependent on your services now than before. Which makes ongoing reckless driver behavior even more reprehensible.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data shows that in the last two years, FedEx trucks were involved in more than 600 injury crashes, at least 49 of which were fatal.

So, we are asking you again – What is FedEx doing – not just to address individual misbehavior (though this is important), but to impose zero tolerance for reckless driving when it occurs? Is FedEx tracking its driver’s behavior? What role is FedEx playing on the larger stage, to support a safe systems approach to road safety?  How is FedEx creating a mandate for road safety, and putting its drivers out there as models of safe driving (hands-free communication, eyes on the road, driving well within the posted speed limit), rather than examples of the epidemic of traffic violence we face?

Thank you for your meaningful reply,

Allyson Geller, We Save Lives Advocate<
Candace Lightner, President and Founder, We Save Lives
From: Perry Colosimo <>
Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 12:05 PM
To: We Save Lives <>
Cc: Alyson Geller <>
Subject: RE: [FWD: RE: Request for information]

Dear Ms. Lightner,

Thank you for providing additional information regarding the behavior recently observed by Ms. Geller. FedEx is committed to putting safety above all while providing a highly valued service to millions of businesses and consumers. Safety is our top priority, both within our operating companies and across our network of vendors and service providers. The use of hand-held devices while driving is prohibited for any individual providing transportation, pickup or delivery services on behalf of FedEx. We regret that your experience in contacting our customer service department was less than ideal and can assure you that we are reviewing the details and circumstances behind the incident you reported. Based on the outcome of our review, we will take the appropriate steps to address this matter as quickly as possible.


Perry Colosimo
Managing Director, FedEx Ground External Communications
1000 FedEx Drive | Moon Township, PA  15108
T: 412-747-4351 | C: 412-897-3367

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