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June 20, 2017
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The Safest Way to Celebrate the 4th of July

The Safest Way to Celebrate the 4th of July

Why do we say that?  Outside of barbecues, family and friends gathering, fireworks, sunburn, and celebrating this great country of ours, it also means planning for safety.

Did you know that over the past 25 years, almost 51% of fatal crashes are alcohol related on the 4th of July, according to NHTSA? Let’s make 2017 the year that NO ONE DIES on our highways from any dangerous driving choice.

We Save Lives recommends:

Stay as close to home as possible or better yet, celebrate at home.  There are too many crazy drivers on the road.

Do not speed!  The barbecue will still be there, better late than dead.

Save the beer for when you get home.  

Buckle up! Despite the proven fact they save lives, about 1 in 7 people still don’t buckle up.

Restrain your animal companion while driving.

If you get sleepy, pull over and find a motel.


How to be a Good Host

If it is your party, offer non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, soft drinks and alcohol free mocktails

It is cool and responsible to stay sober.  Limiting your own alcohol intake will allow you to better determine if a guest is sober enough to drive at the end of the night.

If you serve alcohol for people who are driving, make arrangements for them to get home safely.

Please do not serve alcohol to minors. The legal drinking age is 21 and, if you are hosting the barbecue, it is your responsibility to make sure minors aren’t drinking and driving.

Don’t force drinks on your guests. Also, don’t rush to refill their glasses when empty. Be a smart host; push the food, not the alcohol on your guests.

Food Helps. Always serve food with alcohol. It is proven that food can help counter the effects of alcohol.


Courage to Intervene Tips

If an intoxicated guest insists on driving, tell them you will immediately notify the police.

Designate a driver who remains alcohol free  

Call a taxi, if necessary

Encourage them to give you the keys

Let your guests stay over if they are too drunk or drugged to drive, no matter what they say. A little anger among friends is better than planning a funeral.


Drugs and Partying:

If you are in a state where marijuana is legal, advise your fellow partygoers that marijuana will not be tolerated in your home and they can wait until they are in their own homes.   After all, you are not an expert on impairment levels for cannabis and the knowledge of alcohol and impairment is far more widely known than it is for marijuana and impairment.  Why take the chance?  People who can’t have a good time without pot should stay home rather than endanger others.  If you are at a party where marijuana is on the menu, leave, or risk your life when everyone begins the drive home.   


Other Safety Tips

  • Use your cell phone before you get in the car and turn it off before you begin driving.  If you are lost or have an emergency and must use it, pull off the road.  No phone call or text is worth a life.
  • Stay awake!  Stay alert!  
  • Focus on your driving because others won’t be focused on theirs. (unless they read these tips)
  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Keep your headlights on.
  • If you are taking prescription meds check to see if it is safe to drive.  If not, don’t.


  • Wear a helmet and protective clothing.
  • Please be extra cautious, others won’t be.
  • Stay sober


  • Stick to the crosswalks even if you have to walk a block.
  • Follow the lights and still look both ways before crossing.  
  • Wear light colored clothing and reflectors.
  • If you are a parent with young children, please hold their hands at all times.

If you follow these tips, the life you save may be your own or that of someone close to you.

Happy July 4th from We Save Lives!

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