We Save Lives supports support HB 443, legislation that would add two words (stop and) in four places in the Texas Transportation Code.

We Save Lives on behalf of our 45 partners supports Assembly Bill 10 that would change the penalty of vehicular manslaughter from a simple misdemeanor to a gross misdemeanor
April 2, 2021
We Save Lives supports AB 863, which prohibits supervising drivers from being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both.
April 7, 2021

We Save Lives supports support HB 443, legislation that would add two words (stop and) in four places in the Texas Transportation Code.

“Take Action and Keep Others from Driving Dangerously”

March 29, 2021 
The Honorable Terry Canales, Chair 
The Honorable Ed Thompson, Vice Chair 
Texas House of Representatives, Transportation Committee 
Austin, Texas 78768 
Ref: HB443 
Dear Representative Canales, Representative Thompson, and all Members of the Texas House Transportation 
On behalf of We Save Lives, and our more than 50 partners, we are urging you to support HB 443, legislation 
that would add two words (stop and) in four places in the Texas Transportation Code. For example, “the 
operator of a vehicle shall stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing a roadway in a crosswalk.” 
It is our belief that the word “yield,” by itself, does not provide adequate protection to pedestrians, our most 
vulnerable road users.  Unfortunately, it implies that “yielding” to pedestrians is all that is legally required of 
vehicle operators, even if striking a pedestrian is the ultimate result of the driver’s behavior. 
My son was run over by an unlicensed and distracted driver when he was only 4 years old. I know only too well 
the horrors parents face when their children are killed or injured by drivers who aren’t really focused on their 
driving but on their phones and think yielding is enough.  
Those who drive under the influence, distracted, or aggressively, among other behaviors, are consciously acting 
in a manner that is universally known to increase the chance of an event that could kill and injure innocent 
victims. Somehow the word “yield,” by itself without the legal requirement to “stop,” does not seem appropriate 
for such dangerous and reckless driving choices while operating a vehicle near pedestrians. 
Please support HB 443 and change the Texas Transportation Code by substituting words that adequately 
protects pedestrians from becoming traffic victims, both physically and legally. This law will also ensure that 
motor vehicle operators are fully aware of their obligation to STOP for pedestrians that have the right-of-way. 
We believe this bill will save lives and injuries and encourage safe driving.  
Thank you for caring,  


Candace Lightner – President – We Save Lives (Founder of MADD) 



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