Our Top Ten Wishes for 2018

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February 10, 2018
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Our Top Ten Wishes for 2018

These are our top ten wishes for 2018 and outside of the first we didn’t prioritize.  All of them are important and we continue to work with our partners and others to make them a reality through our programs and outreach.  If you have any wishes you want to add to these just email us at info@wesavelives.org. We will add them to our blog.

  1. There would be no more victims of road crashes.
  2. Drugged Driving would become a priority in this country.
  3. States legalizing marijuana would first adopt a marijuana and driving policy that would include prevention, education, oral fluid and or other drug testing, increased funding for law enforcement training and labs.
  4. Distracted Driving would become socially unacceptable.
  5. Everyone would add #BUTNOTWHILEDRIVING to their mobile devices.
  6. The word accident” would be removed from everyone’s vocabulary, especially the media, and be replaced with crash, wreck, collision and in the case of impaired driving, crime.
  7. The marijuana industry would take a page from the alcohol industry and initiate anti-drugged driving campaigns, PSA’s centered on marijuana and driving, a foundation devoted to combatting marijuana and driving prevention and encourage their consumers to NOT smoke and drive.
  8. Everyone would sign the #CouragetoIntervene Promise and keep others from driving dangerously.
  9. Drivers education would improve dramatically, take much longer and start at home.
  10. Everyone would contribute to We Save Lives!

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